Romanticising Apathy

from by disinterested

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After all this time and talk / I still haven’t figured out / How to make a meaning / For what I say I believe in / In this place that I’m living / In the belly of the beast / Where every meal’s a fucking feast / But for all our talk / We don’t really want to settle for less / Everybody’s given up / Distract ourselves just getting drunk / We hide our guilt in irony / Romanticising apathy / Living in a bubble world / We’ve got all this time / But we don’t know what to fill it in with / I’m not sure I believe in anything / Or it seems like that anyway / Waking up every day / Doing something or nothing all feels the same / How do you make sense out of boredom? / There’s still no answers to the questions / And do we really want to find them / Content to hide in our distractions / I hope something else will come out of this / Something will change somehow some way / And we’ll have no part to play / In anyone’s destruction but our own / Or at least that’s what we’ll say / Every day I sit at home / Get stoned and watch a movie on tv / I get further and further from doing what I say I believe / And more and more the picture of what I supposedly disagree with / I’m an artificial fashion show / I can pick whichever identity I wanna be / I can be a revolutionary / If I wear the right outfit / I am whatever I say I am / Doesn’t matter what I do or how I behave / The freedom to believe in whatever the fuck we want / Has left us stuck living in our own heads / We’re all fucking delusional


from Live at Black Goat, released March 20, 2015



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disinterested Melbourne, Australia

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